Adding Extra Touches to Japanese Koi Ponds

Koi ponds can be some of the best attractions that you have on the outside of your home. Koi fish are very relaxing to watch and the sound of moving water is truly peaceful. Fortunately, there are extra touches that you can put on Japanese koi ponds that will add an extra ounce of extravagance to it. Here is a look at two easy additions that you can do to your pond to really make stand out in your garden and impress your family and friends .

Pond Waterfall

A koi pond is a great feature to have in your backyard, however, if you want to add even more appeal to it, you can easily just add a waterfall to the design. If you have a small pond design, adding a waterfall will be a lot easier. Though, not everyone can add a pond waterfall to their koi pond. If you want to add a koi pond waterfall to your pond, you will need a bit of space. In fact, you need a space of at least 1 meter high by 2 meters wide. This is usually for smaller designs.

Koi Water Gardens

You may have a beautiful pond and a waterfall already installed. Your backyard may look absolutely amazing with the new waterfall feature. However, even now, there is one more feature, or even feature set, that you can add to the pond to make it look even more amazing and stunning. This feature is known as koi water gardens. The best thing about these gardens is that there are unlimited ways to customize them.

However, these gardens will take a lot more time and energy to create than koi waterfalls. This is because you will have to carefully place the flora backyard pond so that it does not penetrate the pond. Many owners make the mistake of planting flowers too close to the pond. The roots of the flowers, unfortunately, dig into the natural stone setting around you pond gradually over time. Fortunately, this is not a problem with concrete koi ponds.

Making Japanese koi ponds look very beautiful can sometimes not be an easy task to achieve. However, the above two additions work very well to significantly enhance the aesthetics of any pond. There are so many different personal touches you can do to your pond to truly make it shine. You can extend the pond, add some beautiful pond lights, set up different plants and even put garden decorations around it. The possibilities really are only limited by your imagination.

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