BFPO Smiles: Bringing Happiness to Our Military Heroes


“BFPO Smiles” is a heartfelt mission dedicated to crafting care packages that go beyond necessities, focusing on bringing joy, laughter, and a sense of happiness to our esteemed military heroes through the British Forces Post Office (BFPO). These carefully curated packages aim to elicit smiles and lift the spirits of our servicemen and servicewomen, reminding them that their sacrifices are appreciated and that joy knows no boundaries. Here’s a guide to creating Care packages that spread happiness to our military heroes.

Cheerful Treats: Sweet Delights

Include cheerful treats and sweet delights in care packages. From candies and chocolates to playful snacks, these items are sure to bring a burst of happiness and satisfy the sweet tooth of our military personnel.

Jovial Entertainment: Lighthearted Distractions

Incorporate lighthearted entertainment options, such as funny books, humorous movies, or joke-filled magazines. These items provide moments of laughter and amusement during downtime.

Smile-Inducing Notes: Humorous Messages

Opt for humorous and light-hearted handwritten notes to accompany the care packages. Whether it’s jokes, funny anecdotes, or playful messages, these notes are designed to bring smiles to the faces of our military heroes.

Playful Games: Amusing Distractions

Include playful games and amusing distractions for moments of leisure. Whether it’s small puzzles, travel-sized board games, or engaging card decks, these items offer opportunities for cheerful recreation.

Surprise Gags: Whimsical Surprises

Incorporate whimsical surprises and surprise gags. From humorous accessories to comical novelties, these items are sure to add an element of surprise and bring laughter to military environments.

Joyful Artwork: Community Creations

Engage communities in creating joyful artwork, banners, or drawings. Encourage the use of vibrant colors and uplifting themes to create visual representations of joy and support from the home front.

Comedy Corner: Stand-Up Specials

Provide stand-up comedy specials or humorous podcasts in the care packages. Laughter is a universal language, and these entertainment options are sure to brighten the spirits of our military personnel.

Comedic Tech Gadgets: Tech with a Twist

Include tech gadgets with a comedic twist, such as funny phone accessories or amusing electronic devices. These items add a touch of humor to everyday routines and enhance the overall joy quotient.

Celebration Props: Instant Festivity

Tailor care packages with celebration props like party hats, confetti poppers, or mini decorations. These items inject an instant sense of festivity and joy, creating mini celebrations for our military heroes.

Memory Lane: Nostalgic Humor

Include items that evoke nostalgic humor, such as references to popular culture or humorous symbols from home. Nostalgia paired with humor can be a powerful combination to uplift spirits.


“BFPO Smiles” care packages are designed to be catalysts of joy for our military heroes. By including cheerful treats, jovial entertainment, smile-inducing notes, playful games, surprise gags, joyful artwork, comedy specials, comedic tech gadgets, celebration props, and memory lane references, these packages become sources of happiness. Through this initiative, we aim to bring smiles and laughter to the faces of our servicemen and servicewomen, reminding them that even in challenging times, the gift of joy from the home front is a powerful and enduring support.

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