Do Your Research Before Completing a Used Car Purchase  

The gas prices have fluctuated numerous times, during the recent years; causing pure panic for many car users. The question of buying a new car, over a used car, can be frustrating to answer. A new car is suppose to guarantee a certain amount of miles per gallon, in addition to not being expensive to repair (warranty). Conversely, there are tons of used cars that can last for a good long period of time, while establishing a reputation of giving the owner a run with their money.
Used Cars Have Proven ThemselvesThe gift of owning a used car can be prestigious. A used car comes in many forms: Peugeots, Jaguars, and Corvettes, for example. There are the other great legends, as well: the gas saving Honda Civic and Ford Festiva. As consumers, there is an appreciation for those times of valued prestige. The used car market is attempting to explode.
The Federal Government Gets InvolvedThere are laws being passed that are issued in order to protect the prospective used car buyer. For instance, the California Senate Bill 990. This bill is designed to assist the buyer by enabling being informed. The Senate Bill 990 represents requiring a used car dealer to supply the consumer with the vehicle history report from the National Motor Vehicle Title Information dmv las vegas System (NMVTIS). This report consists of information regarding the previous conditions of that particular vehicle. The report lists if the used car has been salvaged in a junk yard or is a flood victim.
In reference to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS); this informative entity is a product of the Federal Anti-Car Theft Act of 1992. However, in 1996, Congress reauthorized this act and issued the responsibility to the U.S. Department of Justice. Ultimately, the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System(NMVTIS) was developed to prevent reintroduction of stolen vehicles into interstate commerce; shield consumers from fraud; and to protect consumers from unsafe vehicles.
The issue with the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System is that the consumer commonly has to request this report. If the consumer requests this report, then the vendor is obligated to allocate this report as soon as possible; before the used car sales transaction may be completed.
The Private Sector Gets InvolvedPopular private organizations may furnish the same types of reports for used cars. The Carfax and Experian are two examples of the private utilities that are news worthy. Their reports are accurate and also are based on the used car’s vehicle identification number (VIN #). An elaboration, the used car history report is based on the collection of information from collision repair facilities, auto auctions, and police and fire departments. The information is specifically based on the vehicle title. So, make a note; be sure to investigate the used car’s vehicle history before completing your purchase. It might be worth your while; both saving time and money.

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