New PlayStation Games – Discover the Hottest New Releases For PS3

The new PlayStation games feature some of the most highly anticipated titles and critically acclaimed games of all time. With the release of these titles, PlayStation reached a new milestone in visually stunning and riveting game play, and the reason for owning a PS3 has become quite apparent. Here are some of the hottest new releases creating the buzz:

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (November 2009) This game was one of the most highly anticipated game releases – and the game lived up to the hype. Selling approximately 4.7 million copies worldwide in the first 24 hours on the market, the game is a first person shooter game which picks up 5 years after the previous installment.

The game features a counter terrorism group, Task Force 41, who must fight a Russian terrorist organization and stop a Russian invasion of the United States. There are several different settings for the game, including Washington DC, Afghanistan, Siberia and Rio de Janeiro.

As in the previous releases, the game follows the same winning structure featured in the earlier games. It provides non stop action, intense battle sequences, and the new special ops co-op mode is a great multi player enhancement. Though very new, the game has quickly become a must have title for PS3 gamers.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (October 2009) This is a follow up to the critically acclaimed title, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. An exclusive PS3 game, it features more adventures of Nathan Drake, a fortune hunter who ps5 game has a shady past and a questionable reputation. The same elements that set the first game apart – action, intrigue, cinematic storylines, stunning graphics – are all present in this new release. Uncharted 2 also adds more to the mix, including deep online multiplayer options and a whole new cast of interesting characters.

The game has received near perfect acclaim from both critics and end users. “Stunning”, “Speechless”, “Game of the year”, and “The best gaming experience I’ve ever had” are just some of the unsolicited comments the game has received. Uncharted 2 manages to combine riveting game play with everything else you would ever want in an entertainment experience and there’s really nothing out there that can match it.

Assassin’s Creed II: (November 2009) Get ready to immerse yourself in the lush and dangerous world of the Italian Renaissance. As a new assassin in a world filled with power and corruption, you are faced with many perilous challenges and difficult choices. The game features many new weapons to help you complete your mission and the atmosphere is expansive and very detailed.

Unlike the previous installment, Assassin II has a cinematic feel and striking graphics. The environment features many historical landmarks and the world is so much bigger than the one in the first installment.

As you move through the game, the character development is also very involved and central to the action. Ensnared in a web of revenge, power and deadly conspiracy, the game is both physically and mentally challenging, and a must for those seeking a thrilling new action adventure game.

The newest crop of PlayStation games feature compelling storylines, breathtaking graphics, and immersive action that draws you in and keeps you spellbound. If you’re looking to enjoy a rich and fulfilling gaming experience, and see where the future of gaming is headed, then these new PlayStation games are must have titles.

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