Taking Care of Your Lace Front Wig

For many years now, lace front wigs have been the answer to most women’s hair troubles, be it a thinning hair problem or a fashion dilemma. They have been named as such because the hair strands are attached to a very fine net lace in the front portion. This lace base looks so natural and blends really well with the natural skin along the hairline. These wigs are much better than any other types of wigs because they are lightweight and do not feel hot on the head if you stay in a hot environment for a longer period. Many women consider this as a good beauty investment because it is the easiest and most fashionable way to achieve beautiful hair. But to get your money’s worth, you have to take proper care of it so you can enjoy your lace wig for a long time.

Wash Carefully and Regularly: The most basic way to care for your lace front wig is to wash it on a regular basis. You have to wash it using a shampoo and conditioner that are specifically made for lace wigs. Do not use a regular shampoo that we normally use for our natural hair because it will impair the hair strands of the wig. Washing it regularly will keep all the dust and dirt from being deposited in the lace base or strands of the wig. And if you have the extra budget, you could bring your wig to a salon for some professional cleaning. Professional maintenance will ensure that you wig is rejuvenated after it is being exposed to harsh elements in the environment.

Professionals encourage taking the wig off and putting it on a wig stand while it is being washed as it allows you to clean it completely. Always use cool water in washing it; never with hot water because it impairs the very delicate lace base. And as much as possible, don’t use a blow dryer on your lace front wig because it will cause the lace to shrink.

Spice it Up: Aside from a wig shampoo and conditioner, there are other wig care products that add life and beauty to your lace front wig. Oil-free shines and hair fresheners are available if you want to give your wig some more tender loving care. Hair shines will keep the wig shiny and hair fresheners are best to use after an active or sun-exposed day.

Learn the Right Moves: It is also essential for you to know how to properly attach and detach the lace front wig. In putting the wig on, you must use a safe kind of adhesive or tape. And if you must take your wig off, you must learn to do it correctly so you won’t tear it apart and you could still use it again.

Use a Wig Stand: One more must-have is a wig stand; this could either be a Styrofoam or mannequin head that will hold your wigs and keep it in good shape when you are not using it. Using a wig stand is also a good way to wash or style your lace front wig if you prefer to have it off. You should also brush your wig everyday but be extra careful and don’t brush it rigidly. Hard brushing will cause the hair strands of the wig to break or be detached.

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