The Basics of Playing Craps

Craps, an exciting and fast-paced dice game popular in casinos around the world, is often underestimated because its rules may appear complex at first. Yet understanding its core fundamentals can provide both beginners and experienced players with an exhilarating experience! In this article we will delve into these aspects, demystifying this ancient pastime and providing insight into its strategies and nuances.

At first glance, the craps table may seem daunting with all its betting options and markings; however, breaking it down reveals an organized layout designed for easy navigation. At its center is the “Pass Line,” where initial bets must be made by players before proceeding further in betting rounds.

As companions to the Pass Line are the “Don’t Pass” and “Come” areas, offering alternative betting opportunities for players. These areas also play a vital role in many strategies employed by experienced craps enthusiasts.

Additionally, this table includes additional spaces for placing bets on specific numbers known as “Place Bets,” as well as proposition bets offering higher payouts with increased risk.

Gameplay Mechanics Craps revolves around its shooter – or dice roller. Players aim to correctly predict the outcome of each dice roll by following these steps during an average round:

Come Out Roll:

This initial roll by the shooter serves to establish how players should wager on the Pass Line bets; should their total be 7 or 11, those betting on that line win; otherwise they lose and any number between 2- 12 is known as Craps and becomes known as Crapps; any other number becomes the “point.”

Establishing the Point:

Should the Come Out Roll result in a point, the play moves into its second phase: marking it onto the table by both dealer and shooter until either their point number or 7 are rolled out.

Resolution: Bettors who placed money on the Pass Line win when their point number appears before rolling 7, otherwise those wagers lose.

Continued play: With each new shooter comes a fresh round.

Strategic Betting

Although craps is mostly a game of chance, employing strategic betting techniques can increase one’s odds of success and can include:

Pass Line Bet: Placing a bet on the Pass Line during the Come Out Roll is one of the most straightforward strategies available in craps, offering favorable odds if a 7 or 11 is rolled immediately upon making it onto the table.

Don’t Pass Bet: In contrast with its Pass Line Bet counterpart, Don’t Pass betting offers slightly better odds since winning occurs on 2 or 3 during Come Out Roll and it ties or pushes on 12. Additionally, betting against the shooter adds another social dynamic and makes for more engaging casino gaming!

Come Bet: Similar to its Pass Line counterpart, Come Bets are placed after a point has been established – allowing players to recreate similar conditions as those found within a Pass Line Bet after placing one for Come Out Rolls.

Place Bets: These bets involve placing bets on specific numbers (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10) that must come up before rolling 7. While offering higher payouts than their alternatives, place bets can come with greater risk and require increased time management skills for successful implementation.

Craps is known for its vibrant atmosphere and sense of camaraderie among players, so upholding proper etiquette at tables enhances everyone’s overall experience at the table. Some essential etiquette guidelines to remember during Craps games mega888:

Handling Dice: For optimal dice management in casino settings, only touch them with one hand, and avoid excessive shaking before rolling them. Other techniques, like setting or gripping are often discouraged as a form of control over dice.

Respect the Shooter: Staying out of their way during their role can contribute to an enjoyable gameplay experience for them and you! Don’t distract or hinder their concentration if possible as this could ensure smoother gaming experiences overall.

Keep Space Aware: Craps tables can get quite busy during peak hours; to remain aware and avoid invading other players’ personal space, keep an eye on where your space encroaches on others and ensure no overlap exists between tables.


Craps’ engaging combination of dynamic gameplay and strategic depth provides a thrilling gambling experience to casual and serious gamblers alike. By understanding its basic rules – its layout, mechanics, betting strategies – players can engage in an immersive, exhilarating and exhilarating experience at the table – whether as an absolute beginner or experienced veteran! Craps stands proud as an ever-evolving classic casino classic; feel its thrill await at every roll of its dice!

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