The Human Factor in Drug Addiction Treatment

The factors involved in drug addiction are many and there are many schools of thought regarding the proper method to relieve addicts of their cravings, compulsive behaviors and the physical obstacles to recovery.

It is known that long term use of drugs can cause actual structural changes in the physiology and that these changes can lead to relapse after relapse. This leads to the theory that all addiction is physical and puts it in the category of a disease. Some say an incurable disease.

But even a heroin addict who has been using for years can recover Oxycodone Detox and live drug-free for life. Alcoholics can “go on the wagon” and stay away from drinking for years, without relapse.

Another take on this is that drug abuse is a conscious choice that the addict makes on a daily basis. It is nearly unthinkable that an individual would willfully choose to live the life of a cocaine addict or a meth addict, living mostly for the drug, on a daily basis, even on an hourly basis. Yet many people do, and this leads to the ostracizing of users; the proof is right on the streets. This is the belief that addiction is purely mental.

Choose a drug detox and rehab program which knows that addiction is actually a combination of physical and mental changes the user has gone through. And do not settle for treatment that will not address both sides.

It is vital to deal with the physical AND the mental aspects of addiction. Only in this way can the former user be stably off drugs, live without the constant reminders of addiction and be free to start rebuilding their life.


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