Vape Hardware and Drip Atomizers: A Guide to Dripping E-Liquids


Drip atomizers, commonly known as RDAs (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers), offer a unique and flavorful vaping experience. This method involves manually dripping e-liquid directly onto the coils, providing intense flavor and vapor production. In this guide, we’ll explore the world of drip atomizers, highlighting the key components and techniques needed for a satisfying drip vaping experience.

  1. Understanding RDAs: A Flavor Enthusiast’s Choice:RDAs are rebuildable atomizers designed for dripping e-liquid directly onto the coils. They offer exceptional flavor intensity and vapor production, making them a favorite among experienced daze ohmlet vapers.
  2. Building Your Own Coils: Total Customization:RDAs require users to build and install their own coils. This allows for precise control over resistance, wire type, and configuration. Experiment with different coil setups to find the one that suits your flavor preferences.
  3. Wicking Techniques: Mastering the Wick:Proper wicking is crucial for a satisfying drip vaping experience. Use organic cotton or other suitable wicking materials and ensure it’s adequately saturated to prevent dry hits.
  4. Dripping Technique: Precision and Control:Dripping e-liquid onto the coils is an art. Start with a few drops directly onto the coils and wick, ensuring the cotton is thoroughly saturated. Monitor the e-liquid levels and re-drip as needed.
  5. Adjustable Airflow for Personalized Draws:Many RDAs feature adjustable airflow, allowing you to fine-tune the draw resistance. Experiment with different airflow settings to find what provides the best flavor and vapor production for your preferences.
  6. Single Coil vs. Dual Coil RDAs:Consider whether you prefer a single or dual coil RDA. Single coil RDAs are generally easier to build and require less power, while dual coil RDAs provide increased vapor production.
  7. High VG E-Liquids for Clouds and Flavor:High-VG (Vegetable Glycerin) e-liquids are ideal for drip vaping, as they produce dense vapor clouds and enhance flavor intensity. Look for e-liquids with at least 70% VG content.
  8. Battery Safety and Ohm’s Law: Prioritize Safety:Understanding battery safety and Ohm’s law is crucial when using RDAs. Ensure your battery can handle the amp load required by your chosen coil resistance.


Drip atomizers offer a unique and intensely flavorful vaping experience. By mastering the art of building coils, wicking, and dripping, you can enjoy a personalized vaping journey that caters to your specific preferences. Remember to prioritize safety and experiment with different setups to find what works best for you. Happy dripping!

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