Venetian Island Homes: One Of The Finest Luxury Real Estate Options Within South Florida

Venetian Island homes are among the finest venta de casas en Puerto Vallarta estate options that can be found within South Florida today. If you are looking for the opportunity to live within a waterfront home that is found within a first-class community within the region, you should definitely learn more about these outstanding real estate options and the actual community in which they are located.

The community in which Venetian Island homes are located is comprised of six man-made islands which include Biscayne Island, Di Lido Island, San Marino Island, San Marco Island, Belle Isle, and Rivo Alto Island – all of which are located between the city of Miami Beach and Miami proper which enables residents of the community to experience the best of both worlds.

Each of the islands are connected via the Venetian Causeway which is one of the leading primary areas which many of the community’s residents and visitors go to in order to go for a stroll, exercise, walk their pets, or simply gaze out at the beautiful surroundings.

All six man-made islands offer a selection of Venetian Island homes which are often waterfront properties that are set upon large lots of land with spacious backyards and boating docks. Being luxury real estate options found within South Florida, property buyers can also look forward to first-class facilities found right on the property which include swimming pools and other recreational options that a lot of people seek when looking for real estate properties.

Needless to say, the captivating views that the community has to offer stands out as being one of the main reasons why wealthy individuals are so inclined to purchase Venetian Island homes from today’s property market. Aside from the actual selection of beautifully designed and fully functional homes, many have come to find the grand splendor of the community’s surroundings to be truly worth their while, especially in the case of people who are looking to find the most peaceful community settings that are available within South Florida today.

Since Venetian Island homes are included in the luxury real estate sector of the local market, interested property buyers should keep in mind that the price range for these options can be relatively more expensive than usual properties. As of the second week of October 2012, the median sales price for luxury homes within the community was $5.05 million.

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