What Are Common Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How to Get Over Them?

If you have noticed that you have a problem and are trying to give up alcohol, you need to be aware that alcohol withdrawal symptoms will occur. What you experience will make you want to give in and have a drink, but this is the last thing that you should do. You can find some common alcohol withdrawal symptoms below, along with some basic tips and tricks on how to get over them.

Common symptoms you may have when giving up alcohol

– You will likely shake uncontrollably, these tremors last anywhere from 5 hours after your last drink, to several days later (with the worst of it, being some 24 hours in.) In addition to this, your pulse might race rapidly during this time along with an overall feeling of anxiety including rapid breathing, sweating and even vomiting.

– Hallucinations are common from people who are suffering with alcohol withdrawals. You might see moving objects that are not really there, or even crawling insects. This is known to last for around 2 days and begins 12-24 hours after your last drink.

– Although not as common as other symptoms, some sufferers of alcohol withdrawal experience seizures. These can occur between 12 – 48 hours after you have your last drink and they can actually last for hours at a time.

– You will likely experience confusion and general disorientation 2-3 days after your last drink. The technical term for this is “delirium tremens”, and it occurs due to a temporary reduction in blood going to the brain. This can be a particularly scary symptom for the individual and you should get medical assistance if you experience this..

How to get over alcohol withdrawals to become drink free

If you have any alcohol Benzo Withdrawal Symptoms this is a clear sign that you have damaged your organs due to your excessive drinking. Although the withdrawal feels tremendously bad at the time, try to remember why they are happening. Alcohol withdrawal is basically your body fighting against your detox, it has become used to alcohol so it is having a tough time adjusting. For the milder symptoms that you experience, you pretty much have to ride out the storm – but there are things that you can do to help. Staying hydrated is important and will help lessen your symptoms and also help you get over them quicker. This means that you should be drinking plenty of water. Keep a water bottle with you at all times and sip from it throughout the day, juice and broth are also said to help with alcohol withdrawal.

Eating well can also help your body to recover and overtime, become healthy again. Ensure that you are getting lots of vitamin B-12 rich foods, this is essential for helping your body make new cells. These foods include eggs, nuts, peas, beans and cereals. Leafy greens, fruits and meats also give you lots of folic acid, which is something else that is essential to getting over your alcohol withdrawal safely. Omega 3 is another important thing that you should be getting, so this means consuming fish such as salmon or mackerel. Generally choosing healthier foods over processed junk is advised, it will make you feel much healthier in the long run and you will feel more energized in your fight against alcohol.

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